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DynaMORE – Dynamic Modelling of Resilience

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DynaMORE – Dynamic modelling of resilience

In this project, a multidisciplinary team of researchers works towards the joint goal of improving the prevention of, or quick recovery from, stress-related mental health problems. To do so, healthy at-risk individuals (18+ years old) are monitored during stressful life phases. Multiple longitudinal studies collect psychological, behavioural, neural, and physiological markers, and apply advanced mathematical modelling to identify key risk indicators and resilience factors. On basis of these data, the first in silico model of stress resilience will be generated and validated, which will be used as a basis for developing a novel mobile health (mHealth) product for the primary prevention of stress-related disorders. 

Members: Carolin Wackerhagen, Zala Reppmann, Cora-Lorraine Sachs, Sophie Luise Blum, Lisa Welter 
Head of subproject: Henrik Walter, Ilya Veer 

Funding: EU Horizon 2020 GA 777084 (4/2018-03/2023; Leitung: Raffael Kalisch)
contactCarolin Wackerhagen, Zala Reppmann

Homepage: und dynamore(at)