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Connectomics, Big Data and Imaging Genetics

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Prediction of substance use by robust brain markers (IMAGEN)

In this project, we investigate whether cognitive abilities such as attention and inhibitory control, and their underlying stable brain networks, play a potential role in the use of substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, and cannabis. To this end, we are using longitudinal neuroimaging data from ages 14, 19, and 23 in an attempt to identify adolescent brain networks that may predict attention and inhibitory control in adulthood, while also being able to predict frequency and aspects of eventual drug use in later adulthood. This project is in collaboration with the "Whelan lab" (Trinity Institute for Neuroscience, Dublin): 

Head: Prof. Robert Whelan (; Dr. rer. medic. J. Kruschwitz, habil., Dipl.-Psych. (CCM) 
Funding: IMAGEN 

contact: Dr. rer. medic. J. Kruschwitz, habil., Dipl.-Psych. (CCM)