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Anticipated emotions in self-control (SFB 940, DFG)

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Anticipated emotions in self-control (SFB 940, DFG)

The project "Anticipated Emotioons in Self-Control" is concerned with how human decision-making behavior is realized. The specific goal of this study is to find out which components (emotions, physical sensations) play a role in decision-making and how they contribute to people's stable situation- and time-independent behavior. The data obtained will be used to create a mathematical decision model that can be used to make predictions about a person's decision type. Since dysfunctional decision patterns form a basis for the development of psychiatric disorders, such a model can help in the future to make tailored statements in the context of clinical diagnoses and thus contribute to a better treatment success and clinical prognosis. 

Members: Prof. Dr. phil. Thomas Goschke (TU Dresden); Dr. rer. nat. Franziska M. Korb (TU Dresden); Professor Dr. Dr. Henrik Walter (CCM), Anne-Carolin Krähe, B.Sc. (CCM, TU Dresden)
Head: Dr. rer. medic. J. Kruschwitz, habil., Dipl.-Psych. (CCM) 
Funding: SFB940/3 “Volition and Cognitive Control” - DFG

contact: Dr. rer. medic. J. Kruschwitz, habil., Dipl.-Psych. (CCM)