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Bartsch M, Boehler CN, Stoppel CM, Merkel C, Heinze HJ, Schoenfeld MA, Hopf JM.
Determinants of Global Color-Based Selection in Human Visual Cortex.
Cerebral Cortex. [Epub ahead of print]. 2014 Apr 25;
Berwian IM, Walter H, Seifritz E, Huys QJ.
Predicting relapse after antidepressant withdrawal - a systematic review.
Psychol Med. [Epub ahead of print] 2016 Oct 27; 27:1-12.
Büchel C, Peters J, Banaschewski T, Bokde A, Bromberg U, Conrod P, Flor H, Papadopoulos-Orfanos D, Hugh Garavan, Gowland P, Heinz A, Walter H, Ittermann B, Mann K, Martinot JL, Paillère Martinot ML, Nees F, Paus T, Pausova Z, Poustka L, Rietschel M, Robbins T, Smolka M, Gallinat J, Schumann G, Knutson B.
Blunted ventral striatal responses to anticipated rewards foreshadow problematic drug use in novelty-seeking adolescents.
Nature Communications. [Epub ahead of print] 2016;
Christen M, Domingo-Ferrer J, Draganski B, Spranger T, Walter H.
On the compatibility of Big Data driven research and informed consent based on traditional disease categories – the example of the Human Brain Project.
In: Floridi & Mittelstadt: Ethics of Biomedical Big Data. In Print. 2015;
Erk S, Mohnke S, Ripke S, Lett T, Veer I, Wackerhagen C, Grimm O, Romanczuk-Seiferth N, Degenhardt F, Tost H, Mattheisen M, Mühleisen T, Charlet K, Skarabis N, Kiefer F, Cichon S, Witt S, Nöthen M, Rietschel M, Heinz A, Meyer-Lindenberg A, Walter H.
Functional neuroimaging effects of recently discovered genetic risk loci for schizophrenia and polygenic risk profile in five RDoC-subdomains.
Translational psychiatry. [Epub ahead of print] 2016;
Garbusow M, Schad DJ, Sebold M, Friedel E, Bernhardt N, Koch SP, Steinacher B, Kathmann N, Geurts DE, Sommer C, Müller DK, Nebe S, Wittchen HU, Zimmermann US, Walter H, Sterzer P, Smolka MN, Rapp MA, Huys QJM, Schlagenhauf F, Heinz A.
Pavlovian-to-Instrumental-Transfer effects in the Nucleus Accumbens relate to relapse in alcohol addiction.
Addiction Biology. [Epub ahead of print] 2015 Apr 01; 134 :236-249 .
Kennedy JL, Radhu N, Dominguez LG, Chakravarty MM, Nazeri A, Farzan F, Walter H, Heinz A, Mulsant BH, Daskalakis ZJ, Voineskos AN.
Prefrontal white matter structure mediates the influence of GAD1 on working memory.
Neuropsychopharmacology. [Epub ahead of print] 2016 Jan 29;
Lett TA, Brandl EJ, Müller DJ, Heinz A, Walter H.
Imaging genetics of working memory.
In: Hariri A, Bigos K, Weinberger D (eds.): Neuroimaging Genetics. In press. 2015;
Mackey S, Chaarani B, Kan KJ, Spechler P, Orr C, Banaschewski T, Barker G, Bokde ALW, Bromberg U, Büchel C, Cattrell A, Conrod PJ, Desrivières S, Flor H, Frouin V, Gallinat J, Gowland P, Heinz A, Ittermann B, Paillère Martinot ML, Artiges E, Nees F, Papadopoulos-Orfanos D, Poustka L, Smolka MN, Rodehacke S, Walter H, Whelan R, Schumann G, Althoff RR, Garavan H, The IMAGEN Consortium.
Brain regions related to impulsivity mediate the effects of early adversity on antisocial behavior.
Biological Psychiatry. [Epub ahead of print] 2016 Jan 18;
Pankow A, Katthagen T, Diner S, Deserno L, Boehme R, Kathmann N, Gleich T, Gaebler M, Walter H, Heinz A, Schlagenhauf F.
Aberrant Salience Is Related to Dysfunctional Self-Referential Processing in Psychosis.
Schizophr Bull [Epub ahead of print] 2015 Jul 20;
Paschke LM, Dörfel D, Steimke R, Trempler I, Magrabi A, Ludwig VU, Schubert T, Stelzel C, Walter H.
Individual differences in self-reported self-control predict successful emotion regulation.
Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. [Epub ahead of print] 2016 Mar 24;
Schmaal L, Hibar DP, Sämann PG, Hall GB, Baune BT, Jahanshad N, Cheung JW, van Erp TG, Bos D, Ikram MA, Vernooij MW, Niessen WJ, Tiemeier H, Hofman A, Wittfeld K, Grabe HJ, Janowitz D, Bülow R, Selonke M, Völzke H, Grotegerd D, Dannlowski U, Arolt V, Opel N, Heindel W, Kugel H, Hoehn D, Czisch M, Couvy-Duchesne B, Rentería ME, Strike LT, Wright MJ, Mills NT, de Zubicaray GI, McMahon KL, Medland SE, Martin NG, Gillespie NA, Goya-Maldonado R, Gruber O, Krämer B, Hatton SN, Lagopoulos J, Hickie IB, Frodl T, Carballedo A, Frey EM, van Velzen LS, Penninx BW, van Tol MJ, van der Wee NJ, Davey CG, Harrison BJ, Mwangi B, Cao B, Soares JC, Veer IM, Walter H, Schoepf D, Zurowski B, Konrad C, Schramm E, Normann C, Schnell K, Sacchet M.D., Gotlib IH, MacQueen GM, Godlewska BR, Nickson T, McIntosh AM, Papmeyer M, Whalley HC, Hall J, Sussmann JE, Li M, Walter M, Aftanas L, Brack I, Bokhan NA, Thompson PM, Veltman DJ.
Cortical Abnormalities in Adults and Adolescents with Major Depression based on Brain Scans from 20 Cohorts Worldwide in the ENIGMA Major Depressive Disorder Working Group.
Molecular Psychiatry.. [Epub ahead of print] 2016 May 3;
Schmaal L, Veltman DJ, van Erp TG, Sämann PG, Frodl T, Jahanshad N, Loehrer E, Vernooij MW, Niessen WJ, Ikram MA, Wittfeld K, Grabe HJ, Block A, Hegenscheid K, Hoehn D, Czisch M, Lagopoulos J, Hatton SN, Hickie IB, Goya-Maldonado R, Krämer B, Gruber O, Couvy-Duchesne B, Rentería ME, Strike LT, Wright MJ, de Zubicaray GI, McMahon KL, Medland SE, Gillespie NA, Hall GB, van Velzen LS, van Tol MJ, van der Wee NJ, Veer IM, Walter H, Schramm E, Normann C, Schoepf D, Konrad C, Zurowski B, McIntosh AM, Whalley HC, Sussmann JE, Godlewska BR, Fischer FH, Penninx BW, Thompson PM, Hibar DP.
Response to Dr Fried & Dr Kievit, and Dr Malhi et al..
Molecular Psychiatry. [Epub ahead of print] 2016 Feb 23;
Schmaal L, Veltman DJ, van Erp TG, Saemann PG, Frodl T, Jahanshad N, Loehrer E, Tiemeier H, Hofman A, Niessen WJ, Vernooij MW, Ikram MA, Wittfeld K, Grabe HJ, Block A, Hegenscheid K, Völzke H, Hoehn D, Czisch M, Lagopoulos J, Hatton SN, Hickie IB, Goya-Maldonado R, Krämer B, Gruber O, Couvy-Duchesne B, Rentería ME, Strike LT, Mills NT, de Zubicaray GI, McMahon KL, Medland SE, Martin NG, Gillespie NA, Wright MJ, Hall GB, MacQueen GM, Frey EM, Carballedo A, van Velzen LS, van Tol MJ, van der Wee NJ, Veer IM, Walter H, Schnell K, Schramm E, Normann C, Schoepf D, Konrad C, Zurowski B, Nickson T, McIntosh AM, Papmeyer M, Whalley HC, Sussmann JE, Godlewska BR, Cowen PJ, Fischer FH, Rose M, Penninx BW, Thompson P, Hibar DP.
Subcortical Brain Alterations in Major Depressive Disorder: findings from the ENIGMA Major Depressive Disorder Working Group.
Molecular Psychiatry. [Epub ahead of print]. 2015 Jun 30;
Soch J, Deserno L, Assmann A, Barman A, Walter H, Richardson-Klavehn A, Schott BH
Inhibitory control of information flow to the Default Mode Network druing self-reference versus reference to others..
Cerebral Cortex. [Epub ahead of print] 2016 Jul 11;
Stuke H, Gutwinski S, Wiers CE, Schmidt TT, Gröpper S, Parnack J, Gawron C, Attar CH, Spengler S, Walter H, Heinz A, Bermpohl F
To drink or not to drink: Harmful drinking is associated with hyperactivation of reward areas rather than hypoactivation of control areas in men.
Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience. [Epub ahead of print] 2016 Feb 22;
Walter H, Michal M.
Depersonalization disorder, emotion regulation and existential feelings.
In: Mishara A, Corlett P, Fletcher P, Schwartz M (eds.): Phenomenological Neuropsychiatry: How Patient Experience Bridges Clinic with Clinical Neuroscience, Springer. In press. 2015;
Walter H, Mohnke S.
Mentalizing and psychopathology in schizophrenie, depression and anxiety disorder.
In: Brain Mapping. An Encyclopedic Reference. In press. 2015;

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Müller S, Riedmüller R
How Will the Mild Encephalitis Hypothesis of Schizophrenia Influence Stigmatization?.
Front Psychiatry 2017; 8(67)
Erk, S., Mohnke, S., Ripke, S., Lett, T. A., Veer, I. M., Wackerhagen, C., … Walter, H.
Functional neuroimaging effects of recently discovered genetic risk loci for schizophrenia and polygenic risk profile in five RDoC subdomains.
Transl Psychiatry 2017; 7(1):e997.
Vogel, B. O., Lett, T. A., Erk, S., Mohnke, S., Wackerhagen, C., Brandl, E. J., … Walter, H.
The influence of MIR137 on white matter fractional anisotropy and cortical surface area in individuals with familial risk for psychosis.
Schizophr Res 2017; [Epub ahead of print]
Cibis, M.-L.*, Wackerhagen, C.*, Müller, S., Lang, U. E., Schmidt, Y., & Heinz, A.
[Comparison of Aggressive Behavior, Compulsory Medication and Absconding Behavior Between Open and Closed door Policy in an Acute Psychiatric Ward].
Psychiatr Prax. 2017; 44(3):141-147.
Wackerhagen, C., Wüstenberg, T., Mohnke, S., Erk, S., Veer, I. M., Kruschwitz, J. D., … Romanczuk-Seiferth, N.
Influence of Familial Risk for Depression on Cortico-Limbic Connectivity during Implicit Emotional Processing.
Neuropsychopharmacology 2017; 42(8):1729–1738.
Bittlinger, M.
The patient’s voice in DBS research: advancing the discussion through methodological rigor.
AJOB Neuroscience 2017; 8(2):118-120.
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Ethical Implications of the Mild Encephalitis Hypothesis of Schizophrenia.
Frontiers in Psychiatry 2017; 8(38)
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Threats to Neurosurgical Patients Posed by the Personal Identity Debate.
Neuroethics. [Epub ahead of print]. 2017;


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Neural response during the activation of the attachment system in patients with borderline personality disorder: an fMRI study.
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Altered Functional Subnetwork During Emotional Face Processing: A Potential Intermediate Phenotype for Schizophrenia.
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European journal of neuroscience 2016; 43(1):98-105.
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Oxytocin influences intuitions about the relationship between free will and moral responsibility.
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The ToMenovela – A Photograph-Based Stimulus Set for the Study of Social Cognition with High Ecological Validity.
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Frontiers in Psychology 2016; 7:382.
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Eur Neuropsychopharmacol 2016; 26(9):1431-1437.

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Inclusion as the goal of psychiatric care – Impact of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
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