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Finished projects

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Finished projects of the Research Division of Mind and Brain until 2018

05/2012-12/2018: The neural basis of affective and cognitive empathy in pedophilia and child sexual offending

  • PIs in Berlin (Klaus Beier and Henrik Walter)
  • Funding: BMBF 01KR1205B
  • German fMRI multicenter study (5 centers) 'NeMUP-Nord:  Neural Mechanisms underlying pedophilia and sexual offending against children: Origins, assessment and therapy', Largest neuroimaging study of pedophilia and child sexual offending in the world.

02/2012-03/2015: Personality changes through brain interventions: a neuroethical and neurophilosophical study on neurosurgery

  • PI: Sabine Müller
  • Funding: DFG MU 3321/1-1

05/2010-02/2014: CBASP Study II: Neural mechanisms and predictors of affect regulation improved by psychotherapy

  • PIs: Henrik Walter and Knut Schnell
  • Funding: DFG WA 1539/4-1
  • Neuroimaging add-on study to CBASP-Therapy Study

09/2010-12/2013: Genetic regulation of emotion regulation

  • Funding: DFG WA 1539/2-1
  • Within the EU-Project 'The social dimension of emotion regulation' (PI: Henrik Walter) comprising research groups in Bonn, Germany, Geneva, Switzerland and Cardiff, England

03/2010-12/2013: animal emotionale II

  • PIs: Henrik Walter, Susanne Erk, Achim Stephan, Sven Walter
  • Funding: VW-Stiftung II/84 051
  • Second funding period of the interdisciplinary project 'animal emotionale' on the role of affect and emotions for the human mind together with philosophers from the Department of Cognitive Science in Osnabrück, Germany

06/2008-12/2013: Imaging Genetics

06/2008-12/2013: Endophenotyping with fMRI

  • Subproject leader: Henrik Walter (with Andreas Heinz, Falk Kiefer)
  • Funding: BMBF 01 GS 08152; 01GS08156-13a
  • Neuroimaging part of the German Research Consortium 'Genetics of Alcohol Addiction' (PI: Rainer Spannagel, Mannheim)

09/2009-12/2011: NeuroSCAN - NeuroScienceAndNorms: Ethical and Legal Aspects of Norms in Neuroimaging

  • Funding: BMBF 01GP0804
  • EU-Project (PI: Henrik Walter) in the Neuroethics Initiative with research groups from Canada and Finland