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Connectomics, Big Data and Imaging Genetics

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Transdiagnostic neurocognitive biomarkers

In this project, a clinical follow up to our MooDS project funded since 2006, we have investigated patients with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression, healthy relatives of patients with these disorders, as well as healthy controls with an extensive imaging battery in order to identify transdiagnostic and disorder-specific neurocognitive biomarkers.

Team: Susanne Erk, Johann Kruschwitz, Tris Lett, Sebastian Mohnke, Ilya Veer, Carolin Wackerhagen,

Subproject Leader: Henrik Walter (with Andreas Heinz, Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg) in the Research Consortium InteGraMent: Integrated understanding of causes and mechanisms in mental disorders (Speaker: Markus Nöthen, Bonn, Germany)

Funding: BMBF 01ZX1314B (01/2014-12/2018)