Division of Mind and Brain Research

Welcome to the Division of Mind and Brain Research at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Charité Campus Mitte

Direction: Prof. Dr. Dr. Henrik Walter

Our approach is to combine the disciplines of psychiatry, neuroscience and philosophy in an interdisciplinary research of the human mind and its diseases. We investigate the neuronal sublets of how people think, act and feel with methods of cognitive neuroscience, especially with functional imaging (fundamental research). Based on these studies we explore neurocognitive mechanisms of psychiatric diseases in selected groups of patients. Our goal is to achieve a better understanding of the origins and consequences of psychiatric diseases. Herewith we aim to improve existing and develop new diagnostic procedures and therapeutic treatments in the long term (translational research). In neurophilosophy and neuroethics we examine the meaning of recent neuroscientific and psychiatric findings for philosophy of mind, for human self-perception and with regard to social impacts, opportunities and threats (interdisciplinary research).

The division was founded on January 1st 2010. After five years and the completion of a whole slew of projects and dissertations, we have done some reorganization, have gained brilliant new team members, and started a rash of new translational research projects. The clinical focus of our work lies in the research on schizophrenic and depressive disorders and in alcohol addiction. Methodologically we concentrate on Imaging Genetics and “Connectomics”. New emphases of our work are stress and resilience, decision making with neuroethical aspects of “Big Neuroscience” and philosophy of psychiatry.

To get an impression of our research please feel free to surf our homepage and have a look at our announcements and events, publications and team member profiles. And of course our ear is always open to feedback, suggestions and cooperation inquiries.