Research Division of Mind and Brain 

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Research Division of Mind and Brain

The research division of Mind and Brain, headed by Prof. Dr. Henrik Walter, is dedicated to research in the field of neuroscience and neurophilosophy on an international level. It is affiliated to the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin at the centre of the German capital. 

Projects of the division are divided into different topics: 

Precision psychiatry and precision psychotherapy 

  • TRR 265 (DFG
  • FOR 5187 (DFG FG), SP3, SP7, SP8  
  • ENIGMA tbfMRI (DFG)  
  • environMENTAL (EU Horizon)  
  • Wahn (DFG
  • SysMedSUDs (BMBF

Stress, Resilience and Positive Psychiatry 

  • DynaMORE
  • Stressimaging (Walter-Benjamin Programm, DFG
  • Ph.D. Project Renée Laura Lipka 
  • Anhedonie  
  • Respond 
  • Resilienzsprechstunde 

Network Neuroscience and Machine Learning 

  • Ph.D.-Project Emin Serin 
  • Anticipated emotions in self-control (SFB 940, DFG
  • Personality and underlying brain networks (Amsterdam UMC)
  • Prediction of substance use by robust brain markers (IMAGEN) 
  • Brain network topology in alcohol dependence (FOR1617) 
  • Ph.D.-Project Pablo Reinhardt
  • Connectomics methods (GraphVar & NBS-Predict) 

Philosophy of Psychiatry, Neurophilosophy and Medical Ethics 

  • Medical Ethics  
  • Neurophilosophy of Psychiatry 
  • Project of Adrian Kind 
  • NeuroSCAN (finished) 
  • Personality changes through neurosurgery (finished) 
  • Ethical, legal and societal issues of psychiatric neurosurgery (finished) 

Finished funded projects (Berlin) 

Various methods are in use for the empirical research projects: questionnaires, physiological measures (heart rate, skin conductance), electroencephalography (EEG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), saliva and blood analysis (e.g., cortisol), and genetic analyses (human DNA). 

The staff is mainly composed of physicians, psychologists, and neuroscientists from different backgrounds and with different skills. Beyond project execution, they are committed to the supervision of students and graduates within the context of internships, thesis preparation and intended scientific careers. More information can be found under Studium & Lehre.